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Szczecin 2013 – 3 new Junior WR on first day of competition

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Today we could enjoy some performances of very good quality during European Junior champs, ongoing in Poland – aside the 3 new Junior World records, we got 3 swimmers below former JWR in 100 bifins men (a deja vu European Senior champs’ 400fs men, Lignano 2012), proving that this discipline is still young and with good perspective. Will someone soon finswim under 40secs?
More, we got some thrilling tight finishes, for instance male 4×200 relay, or in 400 immersion men, where a bunch of seconds separates 3rd to 5th place (only 1 second is the gap between 3rd and 4th place).

Participating nationals teams are 17 out of 38 (is this a success?!) Europe Federations having a sport committee, as from CMAS website: Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Serbia and more-than-over-deadline enrolled Croatia.
Where are Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Byelorussia (neighbours to Poland), Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, UK, Luxembourg, Montenegro, San Marino, Slovenia, Sweden and the Netherlands?

100 fs girls
ANTONIAK Anastasia (Ukraine) 40:58
SKURLATOVA Alexsandra (Russia) 40:96
BELOMESTINOVA Ksenia (Estonia) 41:39

100 bf girls
VARGA Krisztina (Hungary) 48:70
LADANYI Reka (Hungary) 49:97
PATLASOVA Maria (Russia) 50:26

100 fs boys
GINIYATULIN Roman (Russia) 35:52 new Junior World record
GOLOVLIOV Mykyta (Ukraine) 37:26
NEKRASOV Vadim (Russia) 37:54

100 bf boys
KOSINA Gergo (Hungary) 43:38 new Junior World record
MINAEV Semen (Russia) 43:77
MALTSEV Vladimir (Russia) 43:88

1500 fs girls
BELOUSOVA Daria (Russia) 13.49:56
CHUMAK Iulia (Ukraine) 13.53:89
KARDOS Laura (Hungary) 13.58:59

1500 fs boys
KOSARA Geza (Hungary) 12.47:41
ZHURMAN Dmitriy (Russia) 12.55:80
LOBCHENKO Dmitriy (Russia) 13.07:96

400 im girls
SELIVANOVA Marina (Russia) 3.20:74
KRUGER Paula (Germany) 3.22:81
BARUCCI Morgane (France) 3.24:11

400 im boys
ZOLOTOV Evgen (Ukraine) 2.56:22
LUKYANOVICH Dmirty (Russia) 3.01:28
ZHELIBA Sergii (Ukraine) 3.06:05

4×200 girls
RUSSIA (Shiryaeva, Kopp, Timofeeva, Giliazova) 6.16:52 new Junior World record
UKRAINE (Zhukova, Chumak, Kaba, Antoniak) 6.26:97
GREECE (Chrimatopoulou, Barmpakyriakou, Agapitou, Panagiotidou) 6.28:27

4×200 boys
UKRAINE (Goloviol, Zheliba, Lazarchiuk, Zolotov) 5.47:76
RUSSIA (Kostenko, Nekrasov, Lobchenko, Popov) 5.47:96
HUNGARY (Szabo, Gruber, Kosina Gergo, Kosina Geza) 5.50:12


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