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Szczecin 2013 – Final day of Pool distances

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The third day of pool competitions in Szczecin gave us further 2 new World Junior records, in 800m finswimming girls and in 200m finswimming boys, set by Russian Giliazova and Hungarian Kosina respectively.
The latter, especially, could win both 200 finswimming and 200 bifins, swimming the first competition in the morning where he set the record, and saving concentration and energy for afternoon 200 bifins. Though CMAS program usually presents short courses with monofin and bifins in a row (50fs-50bf; 100fs-100bf; 200fs-200bf), this could be possible as Kosina enrolled with a bad time in order to swim morning slow heat, because there’s no system to automatically insert best season performance in enrollments. When we read in forums and social networks that we want finswimming at Olympics, we should think also of this amateurial approach. Anyway, good for Kosina, who proved his strength and a bit of clever tactics!
More, we want to congratulate a 14-years-old Slovak swimmer Bukor, who got silver medal in 800fs, showing good perspective: is he booking already now gold Junior medals for next 3 years?

50ap girls
BELOMESTINOVA Ksenia (Estonia)16:50
KREPELKOVA Klara (Czech Republic) 17:14
SKURLATOVA Aleksandra (Russia) 17:15

50ap boys
GINIYATULIN Roman (Russia) 14:62
KURBATOV Alexander (Russia) 15:46
GIUGNI Andrea (Italy) 15:47

200fs girls
ANTONIAK Anastasia (Ukraine) 1.31:63
CHRIMATOPOULOU Aikaterini (Greece) 1.34:73
SHIRYAEVA Alena (Russia) 1.34:89

200bf girls
VARGA Krisztina (Hungary) 1.46:75
PATLASOVA Maria (Russia) 1.48:01
PRENTKA Weronika (Poland) 1.49:40

200fs boys
KOSINA Gergo (Hungary) 1.23:05 New World Junior record
NEKRASOV Vadim (Russia) 1.24:97
ZOLOTOV Evgen (Ukraine) 1.25:41

200bf boys
KOSINA Gergo (Hungary) 1.37:43
MINAEV Semen (Russia) 1.39:43
PAMUKI David (Hungary) 1.40:79

800fs girls
GILIAZOVA Iulia (Russia) 7.03:02 new World Junior record
KARDOS Laura (Hungary) 7.09:43
ZHUKOVA Svietlana (Ukraine) 7.12:44

800fs boys
KOSARA Geza (Hungary) 6.36:87
BUKOR Adam (Slovakia) 6.37:38
SILCHENKO Vladyslav (Ukraine) 6.40:46

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