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World Games 2013 – Finswimming

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It’s finally the moment, after the Junior European Championships in Poland and the Finswimming show at the Universiade in Russia, to focus our attention on the World Games 2013, that will begin exactly on July 25th in the Colombian city of Santiago de Cali.

Five are the competitions in program: 50 apnea, 100 sf, 200 sf, 400 sf and the relay 4×100 sf.

In this page we will try to collect all the informations and media available in the internet.


Summary 1st Session – Friday July 26th (Morning)

The Italian Andrea Nava achieved a new record for the World Games in 100SF with time 35.29. The best time of the  200SF female of Russian Valeriya Baranovskaya (1:30.76), in the 400SF male best time for German Max LAUSCHUS  (3:03.31) and in 50ap female the Korean  Yesol Yang with 16.25.

Results by race: 100 SF Men – 200 SF Women – 400 SF Men – 50 AP Women

Summary 2nd Session – Friday July 26th (Evening)


The Italian Cesare Fumarola won the 100 sf race with the new record for the World Games with time 35.06, Pavel Kabanov 2nd qith 35.40 and the French Alexandrer Noir 3rd with 35.54. On 200SF female the Russian Valeriya Baranovskaya easily won the race with 1.28.7, while the 3rd place went to the Ukranian Yana Trofymez 1.30.84. Let’s see what happened on 400 sf male: the winner is Max Lauschus from Germany 2.58.00,  second place for Evgenyi Smirnov 2’58.75, while Stefano Figini is 3rd 3.01.54. The 50ap female was led by the French Camille Heitz with 16.24, followed by Huanshan Xu 16.25, 3rd Margaryta Artyuchenko 16.27. The relay 4×100 sf female was won by Russia 2:40.05, then Ukraine 2:42.29 and 3rd China 2:42.36.

Results by race: 100 SF Men – 200 SF Women400 SF Men50 AP Women – 4×100 SF Women

Video FULL Day 1 Finals

Summary 3rd Session – Saturday July 27th (Morning)


  • In 50ap male the Columbian Mauricio Fernandez achieved a NEW WORLD RECORD 13.89

  • Grace Fernandez (Mauricio´s sister) of Colombia best time in 100SF female with 40.20
  • The best time of the  200SF male of Russian Dimitrii Kokorev (1:22.80)
  • In the 400SF female best time for Chzec Zuzana Svozilova  (3:24.27))

Results by race: 100 SF Women – 200 SF Men – 400 SF Women – 50 AP Men

Summary 4th Session – Saturday July 27th (Evening)

  • The hungarian Lilia Szaekeli won the 100 sf race with time 39.54, Margaryta Artiushenko of Russia 2nd with 39.83 and the Columbian Grace Fernandez 3rd with 40.18
  • On 200SF man the german Max Lauschus won the race with World Games Record 1.21.31, while the 2nd place went to the Italian Stefano Fingini 1.21.45 and 3rd Dimitrii Kokorev of Russia 1:22.06
  • 400 sf female: the winner is Vasiliisa Karvchuc from Russia 3:17.04,  second place for ucranian Yana Trofimez 3:20.08, while Bokiung Kim from Korea (3:20.68) is 3rd
  • The 50ap male was led by the Korean Takium Kim (14.01), followed by Pavel Kabanov of Russia 14.02, 3rd Mauricio Fernandez (Colombia) with 14.04
  • The relay 4×100 sf male was won by Russia with World Games Record 2:20.85, then Colombia 2:21.82 and 3rd Ucrania 2:23.02

Results by race: 100 SF Women – 200 SF Men – 400 SF Women – 50 AP Men – 4×100 SF Men

Live Streaming Finswimming Competitions

Live Streaming:

Live Streaming 2:




As written in the pdf linked here, Finswimming competitions will be broadcasted only on July 26th 2013 with final races.

26. Jul 17:30 – 18:45 Finswimming All FINALS of the day LIVE

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